New Add-ins

Audit Log – Want to know who changed your data… who deleted a record… who added a record?  Our Audit Log has all the info.

Auto Report – Do you run the same reports every week? Instead of printing reports and distributing them to everyone how about just scheduling the report to run on its own and emailing them all automatically. We can do it

Last Printed Reports – Every user has their favorite reports.  They’re usually the ones they most recently printed.  Why look through hundreds of reports to find the ones you use the most?  We can modify your reports list so that each user has their list sorted by their Last Printed Date.  Each user has their reports at the top of the list. 

Electronic Signatures – Carpal tunnel go you down?  This will help.  Any document originating from an HIS database can have your signature on it… automatically.  It’s a very simple process of adding signature checkboxes to your database screens to indicate you are ready to apply your signature to the document and poof… your printed documents are signed.  All we need is your original signature on our standard “Limited Use” form and you will be able to use it within 24 hours.  To find out more call your regular HIS contact.

Image1Email Reports – When you print a report would you like to email a PDF copy of it as well. Piece of cake. This add in has it all.

Photos – Add photos to the Employee screen, Subcontractor screen, Inventory screen, Products screen… a picture is worth a 1000 words no matter where you put them.

Report Source Footers – Some of you have over a hundred reports. Sometimes it’s a challenge to remember where they are locating.  You have a printout in your hand but you don’t remember the report number or the Main Menu tab it’s on.  We can add the Main Menu tab and reports number to the report footer so you will never have that problem again.

Report Signatures Tired of putting your signature on reports?  Let us do it for you.  No more waiting on the boss to get back home.  View it online… sign it online.